[Announcing] Tympanogram Records

We’ve had a few conversations over the past two+ years that this blog has been in existence about what exactly we want to do with tympanogram – both with other people and amongst ourselves.  And while some day we might like to own a venue here in Rochester, that’s still a long way off.  We’re not particularly fond of booking bands; it’s stressful, and there are plenty of agencies around Rochester and Western New York that do it better than we could.  We’ll leave (most of) that job to them.

So when it comes down to it, what we really want to do is put out music that we believe in, and the easiest way to become involved in that is to start a label.  It’s been done before us by people like Neon Gold, Forest Family, Small Plates, Analog Edition, etc.  But there’s room enough for us to become involved as well, and we’re excited to announce our first release: a 7″ single from fellow Rochesterians Joywave.

The A-side of the single is a new song from the band called “Ridge,” and it’s backed up with an original from their 77777 mixtape – “Traveling At The Speed of Light.”  It’s a smoldering, sexual pair of songs that should serve as a soundtrack to the remainder of your hot summer evenings.  They’re both grand and large and fill in the spaces between getting ready to go to the bar and the end of the night.

The single will be available at the end of July (if all goes well) on crisp white vinyl, and you can be a part of the fun by pre-ordering the release right over here.  Thanks for all your support getting us to this point; we’re excited to keep bringing you great music in new ways, and we know you’ll enjoy what we have in store for the future.

For your listening pleasure:

Joywave // Ridge [mp3] from Ridge/Traveling At The Speed of Light 7″

Joywave // Traveling At The Speed of Light [mp3] from Ridge/Traveling At The Speed of Light 7″