Thoughts On Four Years: or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Blog


I usually like to mark our momentous occasions with some kind of post, and today – the four-year anniversary of the start of this blog – is no exception to that. I thought about putting together a mix of Track 4s, but that’s not going to happen, mostly because the likelihood of finding a bunch of freely distributable Track 4s is low, and we’re not the types to put up stuff that isn’t (anymore).

Instead, I’m going to wax poetic about our time as bloggers, which, if that sort of thing bores you, I’ll warn you to stop reading now and just say thank you for having clicked our way at all.

When we started this blog, it wasn’t with any intentions in mind. We weren’t trying to be the next Pitchfork, or a new Stereogum, or anything other than a place where we could talk about music we found interesting. And if other people agreed with, disagreed with, or just read what we had to say, that was always considered a bonus. Because we’re prideful guys, we’ve fallen into that trap of thinking that we should be getting more hits than we do, but here’s the thing: it really doesn’t matter in the long run. The fact that we have amassed the amount of hits we have over the course of the past 48 months is a wonderment on its own.

Our success doesn’t lie in the number of people who are tweeting our links, or in the amount we get from ads (which is nothing anyway), or in seeing a high number of views on any particular day. I’d like to think we derive our satisfaction from the number of bands, or managers, or labels that have said thank you for our posts. Or from any respect we get from our peers. (Because if we’re honest, there are much better, more well written outlets out there.) Or the fact that our inbox is filled day after day with bands who would love for us to write about them. Those things are better indicators than Google Analytics could ever tell us.

Over the past four years, we’ve tried our hand at a bunch of different things. We’ve done podcasts, covered festivals (well, just multiple iterations of one festival), put out a couple of 7” records with local bands we like, done interviews, seen shows for free. It’s been great, and I always wish I had time to do more of those things so I can improve at them. But with kids, and wives and girlfriends, and houses, and full-time jobs that have nothing to do with music, we aren’t always able to. And that’s OK, and I think we’ve both come to accept the fact that we aren’t going to be able to, and instead we choose to focus our energies on what we wanted to do in the first place: appreciate the type of bands and artists who have impacted us in some way.

With that said, we’re probably not going to have a host of writers on the site again. We aren’t going to be posting multiple times a day; in fact, you’ll be lucky if we post multiple times in a week at this point. But what we hope you find here is honest responses to the music that comes our way, from two people who don’t know the first thing about playing music. We’re appreciators, and that sense of awe that comes with hearing a masterful guitar part, or with breathtaking harmony, or just that feeling that comes with hearing a great song for the first time, is something that we hope never goes away. That’s what we want to keep sharing with everyone, because we’re fortunate that it’s been shared with us.

Thanks for sticking with us. Thanks for reading, and sharing things you find with us with your friends. Maybe we’ll never get to 5,000 likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter, but what we’ve received already is more than enough for us to be satisfied that we’re doing alright.