So Long For Now

And with this post, tympanogram will be going (relatively) dark. We don’t want to go all Hipster Runoff and say we’re quitting and then come back the next Monday like nothing happened, so we may appear every so often if something really strikes our fancy, but there isn’t going to be regular posting here anymore.

We’ve loved doing this for the past three years, but the blog has come to a point where it’s more of a frustration than it is a joy to do, and since it’s no longer fun, we’re not going to keep it up. I have kids, Andy just bought a house, and the demands on our time are only going to increase from here on out. It seems like now is the best time to step back, say thanks, and move on down the line.

We’re not going to delve too deeply into the reasons it’s no longer fun, but the turnout for two shows this past week in Rochester had a lot to do with our personal frustration level, and were a stark realization of our lack of impact. The resulting existential crises are not brand new, but they’ve come to a head and it seems better to take a break from the whole thing. We still love music, and hopefully this time away will reinvigorate those passions and allow us to return to the frame of mind in which we decided to start this damn thing.

There are many, many people to thank for their help over the past few years, and a complete rehashing of all those who we’re indebted to would ultimately be incomplete, but please know that if you’ve taken the time to read our posts, follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, interact with us at all, you’re appreciated. Thanks to the bands who have sent us their stuff. Thanks to the blogs who accepted us into their ranks without question. Thanks to our local friends who have let us try our hand at actually creating concerts, records, etc. We’ll see you around for sure.

And lastly, thanks to the group of writers we assembled for all of their hard work. We appreciate that you shared your love of music through us, and we’re sorry we couldn’t ever pay you all in anything more than free tunes. Out of all of this, the actual friends we made through our virtual ramblings will be more important than anything else.

  • If you had posted this yesterday on april fools I would have probably not taken it seriously, if you guys are serious, it is really sad to see another great blog suffer through most of the blogger problems we all face. I have great respect for you all and the site and you will certainly be missed. I also understand the need to move on into other things you are passionate about so I just wish you the best. Keep hustling and please let me know if theres anything I can do! 

  • Sorry to hear you go guys…Take care, good luck…great blog.

  • You will be sadly missed guys. Good luck in the future and all that – and don’t be strangers.

  • Robinseamer

    Hi guys – occasional reader but a ‘lurker’ when it comes to commenting. Sad to see you go but I can fully understand how putting in the effort and the demands that makes on your time with sometimes very little reward can make things seem less enjoyable.

    Hopefully you’ll never lose your passion for music and hopefully given some time off may still be able to contribute to music, maybe in a smaller way ???

  • Mattes


    Oh no! You were my favourite MusicBlog.
    Almost always posting music I liked.
    That’s very sad…

  • Bummer!

  • You guys ran a really great, quality blog. I enjoyed what you guys did here while it lasted!

  • Guest

    Hey guys been a reader for a little over a year now and I have to say I’ll definitely miss the blog. It was nice to associate a big source of my music to a place so close to home (Syracuse) when it came to the “blogosphere.” Good luck in all your future endeavors, I’ll keep you up on my RSS feed just in case…

  • jack follower for over 2 years

    NOOOOOOOOOO! I’LL RUN THE BLOG FOR YOU! I’M ABOUT TO MOVE TO BROOKLYN [email protected] IF YOU CARE. sorry for the all caps this is just really depressing

  • Hbkaye

    So sorry to hear this.  Just wanted to say thank you for all of the support over the years and you’re hospitality when you’ve brought us up to Rochester.  You two were far too good to us.

    Love you guys.

    Static Jacks

  • mike

    Thanks guys.  I have really enjoyed it.  Ok good talk

  • I guess you’re serious.  Sorry to see you go. I discovered a lot of good music here.

  • Mário Cunha

    Farewell! I hope that this is not a definitive decision.  Back soon, good luck, and thanks for all the good music shared!

    Cheers from Portugal.

  • Jason Treit

    Respect your decision. I hope you and others will keep posting to Tympanogram when you hear something great and get an itch to write about it.

  • triSAMatops

    This is clearly a bit late, but I would like to say that I have enjoyed listening to Tympanogram for the passed few years and truly believe that all of you are talented writers with impeccable tastes in music. I have spent many hours on your site; voraciously listening to every song featured on the 1000 minutes sections or reading new posts and discovering bands that I honestly don’t think I can live without. That being said, I feel terrible that work or school has gotten in the way of showing my support for you and I regret not calling in so that I could have gone to what appears to have been the final show. 

    It takes awhile to achieve recognition and I sincerely hope that you will fall in love with your idea again once you get more time to devote to it. I think that you have made a greater impact than you give yourselves credit for and that you accomplished a lot in a relatively short amount of time. 

    Thank you for being awesome 🙂

  • Bummer!  I’m sad to see it go but it’s understandable.  Good luck!