So long…for good

(The crux of this remains true, which is why it remains published. However, I obviously have returned, though in a much diminished capacity.)

In many ways, it’s surprising I ever began writing a music blog. What I mean is, it’s odd that I ever engaged in the publicness of this venture, with its endless need for self promotion. I’m a fairly private person, and I can’t remember a fraction of the vast number of instances in which I’ve written something on twitter or in a post, only to censor myself and delete it for fear of opening myself up (I debated at length whether to post this). To a lesser extent on my initial point, I’ve also never had any formal music education, and writing is not something I have or will ever consider myself especially good at. I don’t believe you need an extensive musical background in order to write about it like we have, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. I am clearly an avid listener and have tastes that align with much of this blog world, but I’ve long lamented my relative inability to explain why something is good from a technical standpoint. Rare are the occasions I’ve had thoughtful analysis not uttered elsewhere more eloquently. Yet as odd as it was that I started such a venture, it is just as odd to think of ending it. I’m likely fooling myself that I’ll post again on this site, but the idea of not having it around in case I do feel the need is somewhat painful. Much of that has to do with the entrance I’ve made into the world of music bloggers (many of whom I enjoy reading and having a tenuous connection to despite my ramblings below to the contrary), and the rest has to do with the sense of accomplishment in running a website. My fear in ending things has as much to do with missing out on things related to our inclusion in this world as anything else, but I’m under no illusions that anything we did here ultimately made a huge difference. I didn’t want to write another goodbye post, and this isn’t exactly that (sorry Timkitchens, I only half focused a blog post about ending my blog, I hope that’s enough for you!). As I said, I usually hold my tongue, but if I’m going out, I figure I might as well loosen up a bit.

Today, after seeing that there was yet another ‘state of the blogosphere’ address questioning if blogs are dying (though to be fair I didn’t read the whole thing, because I feel it’s all been said many times before), I figured I’d throw my hat into the ring as well. Well, blogs aren’t dying, and I doubt anyone truly believes they are. The whole crowd is too self involved to ever really go away. There are too many people in love with music that possess an internet connection and a computer for blogs to ever go away. The truth is, there were too many blogs that started up, because nearly anyone can do at least a semblance of one. Just like we did. Certain blogs go away, not all, because they are fucking cumbersome to do. I’ll throw out a few other points that others have likely made before me, but it really is almost entirely that. Blogs don’t get people famous, they won’t even pay any bills and will most likely create new ones (extra music purchases, concerts, hosting etc). The only blogs that may make some money are those that were the forefathers of this movement, the same blogs which are now behemoths and owned by larger companies. New blogs don’t get bigger unless they post songs illegally, the “curators” have nothing else to do and focus entirely on posting things first and capitalizing on buzz, or they are incredibly good at self promotion and fostering the idea that what they’re doing is somehow different or better than the rest. Unless you’re Daytrotter, you aren’t different and you aren’t better, you’re just another iteration on something that someone else is probably doing better than you. I’ve seen certain folks railing against these ‘buzz blogs,’ which slap up songs immediately hoping for hits. What is ironic is that the blogs that rail against this most are also usually buzz blogs. Tossing up a bit of analysis in a paragraph or two about songs maybe listened to twice while rushing to throw up a post before everyone else, is pretty much the definition of a buzz blog. Your two paragraphs don’t mean shit if the song came out a half hour prior. If you are first to post something everyone has access to (i.e. you didn’t have a hand in releasing it or weren’t given it to premiere), you’re posting things for hits and calling it something nobler. You really aren’t fooling anyone.

There are many other sides to this self-perpetuated issue that no one else outside of our little sphere cares about, but I don’t really care about addressing all of them. Time is the main issue as to why our site is ending. I don’t have the fucking time to write as much as I might like to, nor do I have the time to devote to new music that I maybe once had. Since our break in April, I’ve just been listening to what I want to, not listening to anything and everything out of some half-assed attempt to be aware of all that’s out there. It’s futile, and most of what’s out there is shit. Others will find what’s good, and I’ll go back to looking to them to voice that to the world. It’s difficult to run a music blog. We weren’t always great, changed focus too often, and had very little impact locally, but it was fun to do it with one of my best friends. Certain local assholes on twitter like to remind us of how much we sucked, but they contribute nothing to the world other than snark so I don’t give a shit what they have to say. I enjoyed parts of the blog, and am having difficulty letting those specific aspects go. But the rest of it is for the birds, and I will not miss a lot of it. Issues like this are why most blogs go away. They didn’t get anywhere, the writer’s ran out of time, something. To say blogs are dying is self aggrandizing, inflating your sense of self worth that your blog lives on, and someday might ‘make’ it. I’ll continue to read blogs because I like music, but really, I’m less about what most blogs focus on these days, and more into reviews. I can listen to a song quickly and know better than some other blogger’s couple of paragraphs if it’s good. I would prefer to read reviews of things, and due to some reviewer’s thorough and thoughtful analysis give some music a chance I may not have otherwise. Actual writing.

But these are just my inconsequential thoughts, and I doubt anyone cares what I have to say. I’ll be around on the internet, probably on my tumblr writing fewer words occasionally about stuff I really like – hoping maybe one person will listen to and buy something from someone I like because I gave them an insignificant internet bump. I’ll also probably talk once a week on twitter about something no one cares about as well. I don’t know how long we’ll keep the site active, but it’s here for now. Until then.


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