Futurama and Pizzicato Five

One of my favorite television shows ever is the Matt Groening cartoon comedy Futurama. Over several seasons and four direct-to-disc movies that followed the show’s untimely cancellation, the writers conveyed incredible wit and an enormous amount of heart in their brief time with the characters. I greatly enjoyed the humor of the show, but being a sentimental guy I really appreciated the heart as well.

Throughout the run of the show, there were only a few moments where pieces of music beside the general soundtrack were used, and one of those moments is what I’ve decided to write about today. The setup is that the character Leela is, and always has been, completely unaware of who or what she is. She grew up an orphan and having only one eye clearly was not a normal human being, so she has lived a majority of her life unaware of whether or not she is an alien, and if so, what planet she is from. During the first few seasons there are times when the topic of her unknown origin is broached, yet no conclusions are ever made. In the episode I am referring to today, we at long last learn who and what she actually is. The song that is used in the clip is an old favorite of mine, and it truly helps relieve the emotional cache that has been built up her entire life.

I’ve attached the clip in question below, though it is partially cut off. The remaining bit not shown has the song continuing while the closing credits continue to run. The extra bit of the song transitioning into the credits serves well to seal the emotion of the scene. I’m usually a stay ’til the end of the credits guy anyways, so in this case I certainly wish the clip continued through to the end of the credits. I love it regardless. If you’ve never seen the show I greatly recommend it.

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Pizzicato Five – Baby Love Child (mp3) from Made In USA