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1000 Minutes: Dave #56

Just as I thought, no one is interested in counting up our minutes used to see if we are correct in our calculations thus far. Oh well. Go here to figure out what this project is about if you have no idea. 114. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (mp3) from Fever To Tell (3:39) [Time… Continue Reading

1000 Minutes: Andy #56

Welcome to another week of school/work/travel/life.  This past weekend I checked out the Dirty Bourbon Blues Band – a local group that was pretty damn fun, and went pretty well with all the beer I drank.  If you’re around the Rochester/Finger Lakes area and you get a chance to check them out, you certainly should.… Continue Reading

1000 Minutes: Dave #55

If anyone has an epic amount of time they are looking to waste, I have a project for you. If feeling ambitious I task you with going from installment one all the way to installment fifty-five of both Andy’s and my 1K to see if we’ve calculated the time used properly. Go by the time… Continue Reading

1000 Minutes: Andy #55

I hope everyone had themselves an excellent Mother’s Day, whether you were the one doing the doting, or were the one being doted upon.  We’re starting another work week with my take on our made-up project, which – if you don’t know what we’re talking about – can be reviewed in full over here.  Let’s… Continue Reading

1000 Minutes: Dave #54

Despite being ahead of Andy only slightly in tracks used to this point, he is rather far ahead of me in actual time used. I don’t think he prefers songs of greater length in general, it more has to do with his use of an entire John Coltrane album in one post. At this rate… Continue Reading