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1000 Minutes: Andy #59

Dave and I are both heading to Portland, OR on Wednesday for a friend’s wedding; I’m staying through the following Thursday and heading up to Seattle with my girlfriend, while Dave is flying home on Sunday (I think.)  So, if we aren’t as responsive for a bit, you now know why.  Anyway, let’s get back… Continue Reading

1000 Minutes: Dave #58

One more song and I’ll go past the midway point of this exercise. I have a pretty excellent playlist thus far, but still the impending end of this project has me somewhat sad. What will I write about on Fridays? 118. God Lives Underwater – All Wrong (mp3) from Empty (4:53) [Time Remaining: 507:55] I… Continue Reading

1000 Minutes: Andy #58

Maybe it’s just me, but this past weekend went way too quickly.  It was here and gone in what seemed like an instant, and now we’re back to the weekly grind.  Such is live, I suppose. Anyway, if you don’t know what this project is about, go here to check out my complete list, and… Continue Reading

1000 Minutes: Dave #57

As always, go here if you don’t know what this project is about. I’ll be updating the newest additions soon. I can’t do it early for it might ruin the surprise so many are waiting for with bated breath. 116. Tortoise and Bonnie ‘Prince” Billy – Thunder Road (mp3) from The Brave and the Bold… Continue Reading

1000 Minutes: Andy #57

I’m in a summery mood, which is apropos since Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the season.  My girlfriend and I forged our way south into the Finger Lakes yesterday to Watkins Glen State Park and made our way through the gorge, then stopped at a couple of wineries on the way back through.… Continue Reading