Beach Slang // Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas

It’s been a while, friends. If I’m honest, I probably could have predicted this near-total shutdown of listening to/caring about anything happening in the music world after wrapping myself up in so much other stuff – school, getting married, getting a new job. But man, that itch just never really leaves, does it? I know… Continue Reading

[stream] Leon Bridges // Coming Home

My, how the months just slip away from us. I had intentions – the best of them – for writing more consistently in this space, and then I had to go and get a new job and take a few classes, and my best laid plans just went completely awry. But that doesn’t mean I’m… Continue Reading

Fiancé // Ivy

There’s always a twang of regret that accompanies logging in to our oft-neglected inbox. How much good stuff am I missing simply because of our backlog of messages? I make a point to visit more often, then I get busy with leading the rest of my life, and that promise inevitably falls by the wayside.… Continue Reading

[stream] David Bazan // Sparkling Water

This song from David Bazan represents an apt bookend to yesterday’s post about the new CRUISR song; the fourth song of his current project – in which he releases two songs on the first of the month, starting in July and running through November – “Sparkling Water” is fully immersed in the sort of seasonal… Continue Reading