[stream] Tame Impala // Be Above It (Live Version)

Record Store Day, that annual celebration of all things limited, local, and vinyl, is exactly one month from today. The floodgate of releases has opened, with the extensive list of things to drool over and subsequently save for taking shape. I personally haven’t done much list scouring, but the two I have seen that IContinue Reading

[interview] Dan from Joywave

  A few weeks ago my inbox revealed a PR email that proved, at least initially, mildly surprising. In short time however, it made complete sense. I receive a good deal of email from this particular agency, so it wasn’t that I received written relations of a public nature from them, but rather that itsContinue Reading

[listen] Yumi Zouma // The Brae

Whenever a brand new artist unleashes their work upon the world, it’s easy to wonder how much a labor of love it has been for everyone involved. The months or years of effort and practice the musicians lent to working and reworking material laid out for judgement and enjoyment. The promotion of said work andContinue Reading

[stream] Years & Years // Real

Do people still use the word ‘banger’? I hope not, because it only makes me think of Tobias as Mrs. Featherbottom in Arrested Development, or a bunch of orange individuals dancing at a club. But if people do still use it, chances are it’s appropriate to describe this track from London’s Years & Years. The London trioContinue Reading

[stream] SALES // Chinese New Year

SALES give me hope that there are still bands out there honing their perfect indie pop chops, because their song “Chinese New Year” is just about as perfect as it can get. Quick: think about the soundtrack to indie-ish love stories like 500 Days of Summer or Celeste and Jesse Forever, and you’ll know exactly whatContinue Reading