Explosions in the Sky // Disintegration Anxiety

As a discerning music fan, it is not impossible for me to recognize the greatness of Explosions in the Sky, even if, on a personal level, I can only take them in smallish doses. Each member of the Austin, TX five piece is adept at their respective instrument, and together they create an oeuvre that… Continue Reading

Fake Palms // Sparkles

I’m not quite certain what it says about us, but whenever Andy mentions that he’d like to write a bit again and/or does so, it often coincides with pangs I’ve similarly felt. Things are vastly different personally than when we began this venture, and I have no interest in keeping pace with any of our… Continue Reading

SG Lewis // No Less (feat. Louis Mattrs)

During my time away from the blog world, my now-wife and I spent a lot of time a) wedding planning and b) catching up on various television series that we had, for one reason or another, neglected. One such show was the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson vehicle Ballers that was on HBO, which was basically… Continue Reading

[listen] September Mix

It is quite apparent that tympanogram has mostly escaped the consciousness of the public (and also me, most of the time), so this mix is unlikely to reach far. That’s fine. I figured I’d stop in, let everyone know we are still alive and still love music, and share a snippet of what I’ve been… Continue Reading