[stream] Sivu // Better Man Than He

sivu single cover

At the outset of last week, I’d never heard of the artist Sivu, and then by week’s end, I’d spent a sawbuck on his impending 7″ single on the mere fact that it is being put out on No Recordings. I don’t think I’d even listened to the song before I placed the order. (This is the fledgling label’s third release.)

My impulsiveness aside, Sivu’s “Better Man Than He” – the A-side to the single in question – is a hell of a song. It’s one of those songs that wouldn’t feel out of place on a mixtape made for an erstwhile lover, pressed somewhere in the middle of side B with the express intent that it won’t be uncovered by the recipient until well after you’d moved on, placed specifically to cause maximum residual damage.

The song is breathless in its composure, built around a piano line that sounds as if it’s been plucked from a jewelry box’s repetitive melody. Sivu’s vocals are equally hushed, breaking through for emphasis only when absolutely necessary, when pleading with the song’s primary listener.

Paired with the previously unreleased “Family Tree”, this is a release you need to grab now if you’d like it on vinyl. It’s out on No Recordings on February 25, and is limited to a scant 150 pressings. If you’re in the UK, you can grab it on the cyber sexily named ASL Recordings.

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