[stream] Ducktails // Letter of Intent

ducktails the flower lane cover

Today marks my first purchase of an album that will be released in 2013: Ducktails’ The Flower Lane, which drops on January 29th. I wasn’t crazy about Ducktails’ previous effort, 2011’s Arcade Dynamics; like most people who have ears (and use them to absorb indie rock), I liked “Killin the Vibe”, but I didn’t give the album enough spins to get hooked on much of anything else.

Then, around two weeks ago, the folks at Domino unveiled the first single from Ducktails’ new album, The Flower Lane – the insatiable “Letter of Intent.” (I say ‘insatiable’ because the song is a total burglar of all my listening time.)

I’m going to assume that you’re aware that Ducktails is the work of Matthew Monandile, who also wields his axe for Real Estate. This new track enlists help from Joel Ford on bass and Daniel Lopatin on the synth (of Ford & Lopatin fame, and Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never fame as well). It also boasts Jessica Farkas on vocals, and the result of this triumvirate coming together with Monandile is absolutely mesmerizing in its perfection. I mean, if you don’t have to pick up your jaw at the solo around the 1:50 mark, then I just don’t know what to tell you.

I don’t know if all of The Flower Lane is going to have this same lineup, but for me, the ability to spin “Letter of Intent” on wax endlessly is enough of a draw to plunk down $20 on it. Everything else that’s good on the album will just be a bonus.

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