Wilco (The Stream)

Between being sued by former band-mates, touring, preparing to release a new album, and covering Woody Guthrie, Wilco has been on people’s tongues a lot recently.  And now, with their new album, Wilco (The Album), already having been leaked, the band is being pro-active and streaming it on their website.

Go here if you want to take a listen.  (Be advised, you need Quicktime in order to hear it.)

Also, take a look at their new shirts, with which they send lettering so you, the wearer, can customize it.  What they should have done was left it as ____ (The Shirt) and send you a nice big felt-tip pen to fill in the blank yourself.

Wilco (The Album) will see it’s proper release on June 30.  Pre-order your copy with your shirt.