Why Hello There!

Sorry to keep using the same welcome-mat picture, but you’ll just have to deal with it. We’ve added another contributor, this one a bit unexpected. Please welcome Rhys.


Hi! My name’s Rhys. I’m 18 and I’m born and bred in England, just south of London. I spend an inordinate amount of time searching for new music (either music that’s just been released or older music I was unaware of), often at the expense of my own sleep and productivity… Since I discovered Tympanogram several months ago it has become one of my favourite sources. I write a blog myself, found at, and  I emailed Andy to ask if I could do a series of posts akin to the Tympanogram ‘1000 Minutes’ posts. He was more than happy, and I mentioned that I wished to high heaven that I lived in the States after reading that Tympanogram was doing a shout out for new writers. However, he and Dave have been kind enough to grant me the privilege of writing for such a wonderful site and I hope I can bring something new and exciting to them and to you.

Just to share a bit about my musical history with you – I come from a pretty musically mixed family. Mother tried raising me on ABBA and The Osmonds, Dad tried obscure reggae and punk, older brother tried hip-hop, grandparents tried Big Band and Easy Listening. I’ve gained something from all of them in a lot of ways, but in my early teens I knew I wanted to strike out and find some music that really mattered (spurred on as well by the increasingly decrepit state of the UK Charts). The first band I really connected with was Green Day, and my tastes have only broadened from there. A portion of my tastes are still largely grounded in guitar bands, but I’m committed to being diverse; variety being the spice of life and all that. Some of my favourite artists right now are Laura Marling, The Coral, Arrested Development, LCD Soundsystem, Frank Sinatra, Akron/Family, Belle & Sebastian, Titus Andronicus, and Jens Lekman… I’d love to go on, I really would. There are very few people I know who I have a lot of musical tastes in common with, so I’m hoping that I can find kindred spirits within the Tympanogram family!

With the internet being… well, the internet, it’s pretty easy to get music from all corners of the world, wherever you are. However, I hope that I can provide a bit more of an insight into what’s going on in the UK that the majority of Tympanogram’s US followers won’t hear about as much or as soon. I don’t claim to be Anglo-omnipotent, but I’ll be doing my best! And I hope I can contribute to the general running and coverage of this awesome blog as well.