White Denim/New Releases: October 27

The week’s New Releases are wholly unimpressive.  There’s a Morrissey import of his singles on HMV/Parlorphone from ’88 to ’95, something from Tegan & Sara, and live albums from R.E.M. and Jack Johnson.  Beyond that, it’s all your own preference.

In lieu of the normal list, I’m going to talk about a release from last week that we listed but which flew entirely under my radar – Fits from Austin, Texas’ White Denim.  I debated openly about even purchasing the album, and now that I have, I’m ashamed that I didn’t snap it up immediately; I can say confidently that Fits will be in my Top 10 of the year, if not the Top 5.  High praise for something I’ve owned for less than a week, to be sure, but it’s well worthy of it.

The first track – “Radio Milk How Can You Stand It” – fades in slowly to a pulsing bass/drum riff, and the album doesn’t relent for the entire 37 minutes.  The band can shift seamlessly between jagged guitar rock and soaring harmonies in less than a second, and over the course of the album, they’re happy to do so – even if it means changing the course of the song.  It’s safe to say that White Denim is focused on the whole of the effort rather than finding an individual song.

It’s clichéd to say that a band “makes” their sound work.  White Denim is one that could easily be summarized in such a manner, but it would belie their actual talent.  Their start/stop songwriting isn’t labored at all.  In fact, when listening to the album it’s impossible to think that their specific style wouldn’t work.

If you’ve been saving your cash for that one good album this month, this is it.  (In addition to the new album, the band has included their first album Exposion as a part of the package, making it an even better deal.)  The band is gearing up to go on tour, and the dates are after the tracks.  You’ll forgive me if you’ve already seen one of the tracks here on the blog already.  I’m going green and recycling today.

White Denim – Radio Milk How Can You Stand It (mp3) from Fits

White Denim – Regina Holding Hands (mp3) from Fits

White Denim on tour with Brazos:
Oct. 31: Dallas TX
Nov. 2: St. Louis MO
Nov. 3: Lawrence KS
Nov. 4: Minneapolis MN
Nov. 5: Madison WI
Nov. 6: Chicago IL
Nov. 7: Cleveland OH
Nov. 9: Toronto Ont.
Nov. 10: Montreal Que.
Nov. 11: Cambridge MA
Nov. 12: Brooklyn NY
Nov. 13: Philadelphia PA
Nov. 14: Washington DC
Nov. 16: Nashville TN
Nov. 17: Birmingham AL
Nov. 18: Atlanta GA
Nov. 19: Orlando FL
Nov. 20: St. Augustine FL
Nov. 22: New Orleans LA

  • Angelo

    fucking amazing band!!! Just saw them in Nashville, and my mind was blown! I left more satisfied than from any show this year, which has included the likes of Black Lips and Them Crooked vultures the past two months!