We Need Your Input!: Site Header

Tympanogram pal Steve has been kind enough to create three distinct header photos for the site, and we’d like to get some feedback from our faithful readers (if we have any) as to what you all think looks best.

So, with that said, here are the possible headers.  Leave a quick comment with your choice and we’ll use the big winner starting next Monday…

1.Header 1

2.Header 2

3.Header 3

Here’s your voting music:

World Leader Pretend – New Voices (mp3) from Punches

  • Concerned in Thailand

    #1 Should win cause of the cute chick in the pic, but it loses cause I don’t see the music connection (unless that’s some songstress like Kylie Minogue or something… maybe try Aretha Franklin?)

    #2 Should win cause I dig the dark/denim style, but loses cause the text blends a little too well into the BG.

    #3 Is the winner cause the name stands out, and the headphone jack brings it all home for me.

    Nice work, Steve! I honestly think that all three look pretty sweet.

  • Egrabal

    Of course Powell is the only voter so far, but I agree with him.

  • kidatomic

    Hey in #1 there is a very subtle electric soundwave flowing into the chick’s ear also the black flying um things lead to her ear. (I was was practicing making an old lady look younger, the original pic was of a 50 year old with no makeup. I then said why not tympanogram it up.)

  • Andy

    I’m putting my weight behind number 3.

    Bridget can’t decide between 2 or 3. Give her one vote each.

  • TJ

    Loving the third one.

    Just came across your site while hunting for some Kings of Leon. Looks like you got a good thing going here. Consider yourself blogrolled.


  • Andy

    Thanks TJ. We appreciate the feedback.

  • Madeline

    I love your site, the writing is insightful and original, your musical choices intriguing. But I don’t feel the same about these headers. None of them seem to capture the soul of your site.

  • Andy

    Madeline – thanks for the thought. We’re glad you like the site, and if you have any ideas about what would best capture our soul, please let us know so we can show Steve exactly how he was wrong and thereby humiliate him.

  • mark