Wavves Meltdown

Thanks to this wonderfully hilarious recap of an awful live event in Spain, my opinion of this band has been cemented.

Wavves Self-Destruct in Barcelona (UPDATE!: Frontman Issues Apology, Band Cancels European Tour)

Quite frankly I think So Bored sucks. Throwing a bunch of noise together to make ‘music’ doesn’t quite do it for me. And it isn’t so much that this song bores me as much as it annoys me. Why the crowd was anticipating this song, let alone any of the band’s songs bewilders me. Like I said above my opinion is now cemented in that I will never be getting anything else off of this record. If a band can’t play live that leads me to believe there isn’t much talent present and what goodwill they have received is based on production. As an attestation, here is the song.

Wavves – So Bored (mp3) from Wavves

  • Matt

    I think you make a good point about the relationship between a live show and talent, and of course you’re entitled not to like the guy’s record, but saying that they are “throwing a bunch of noise together to make ‘music'” just makes you sound like an old man, circa 1967.

    And pitchfork’s recap of the meltdown was, indeed, hilarious.

  • Egrabal

    You may be right about the old man comment. I must have been having a crotchety moment.

  • Larazus

    I saw them live about a month ago and the show was great. The songs may be noisy, but underneath that noise is a lot of melody. It’s a poppy album if you actually took the time to listen to it.

  • Lydia

    At the risk of joining the dissenting opinion, I have to say I agree about the Wavves record. After reading a thousand blog hypes about it, I found it entirely disappointing. I think I also look at music in terms of longevity and staying power, and to me Wavves (especially with these kinds of live performances) probably won’t be making music/touring in twenty years. By I observe the right to be completely wrong, and ultimately time will be the decider.

  • I mean…. they were probably just high as shit.

  • My dad used to say: “You’re only bored if you lack imagination.” I think he’d say the same thing to Wavves, who, I think, have the best band name I’ve seen in ages.