[video] WU LYF // Wicked Games and We Bros

I caught the WU LYF fever earlier this year. And if you have read any of my earlier posts, you will know that my Australian friend Alex (who maintains a fantastic blog at: recommended the Manchester, England, quartet to me. When I first heard some of the early demos, I was completely floored. It felt like I had just been punched in the gut. WU LYF, led by the inimitable growling snarl of Ellery Roberts, really moved me on an emotionally basic level.

I knew I had to experience these guys live. Almost instantly, I bought tickets to see them in July at Manhattan’s Mercury Lounge. I was beyond excited to see them at one of their first American dates. But at the last minute, travel plans fell through and I was heartbroken. I was even more heartbroken when a friend who was at the sold-out show told me how fantastic it was. Luckily, WU LYF announced a full-fledged North American tour shortly thereafter. I would finally get to experience them live.

With that, I present my WU LYF experience. This is a video I shot at their concert last month at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern. The video is both shaky and grainy, because the entire room was bouncing around and yelling with Roberts. He literally moved the entire audience. So you will have to forgive the grainy quality of the video. Regardless, I think it really demonstrates the live power of WU LYF. [editor’s note: Will is correct, this is awesome]

This is a video of the group’s encore, featuring an awesome rendition of Chris Isaak’s classic “Wicked Games” and then WU LYF’s own “We Bros.”