[video] WU LYF – I Got Dem Wu Wu Busted Teef Spitting It Concrete Like The Golden Sun God

The striking part of this video is not so much the violent nature of the scenes depicted, but rather the song itself. I’d never heard of WU LYF, or World Unite/Lucifer Youth Foundation, but they are a tribal rock outfit whose work is not easy to find across the interwebs. I saw this video on Pitchfork and was caught by the music and especially the vocals, which I found to be similar to those of the Stereophonics front-man; scratchy, but in a pleasant way. With such a dearth of information available, I don’t know what the band stands for, how long they’ve been together or what their artistic output is like, so if anyone knows more info about them or where to find some of their music, please let me know.