[video] The Tarantula Waltz // Majestic Jaws

There’s something both rewarding and condemning about discovering an artist who already has a quality album or two under their belt. The Tarantula Waltz is the moniker of Swedish singer-songwriter Markus Svensson, and he released his debut album of the same name back in 2007,  followed soon after by sophomore effort Did Not Leave To Forget But To Find, To Leave Behind. He bears a lot of similarities to his fellow countryman The Tallest Man on Earth – intricately picked, open tuned guitar supporting an earnest voice and delicate lyrics. Yes, the word “troubadour” will spring to mind.

His music is as entrancing as the image that his moniker conjures up, and a third album has been announced for later this year, along with tours throughout March, May and June. Here we have the video for “Majestic Jaws”, the second track released from his as yet untitled third album. It’s fragile, enchanting and spiritual: “I was secure in the arms of my Saviour, now I’m a trembling flame in a hurricane’s heart; I’m as frail as wafer ‘tween his majestic jaws”. I’m a sucker for anyone who sounds vaguely like Nick Drake, so I’ll be following this one up for sure.