[video] Sigur Rós // Ekki Múkk

Four years really is too long. It’s that agonising length of time I mainly associate with the gap between football (soccer) World Cups. Recently, however, it’s become associated with Sigur Rós. It was June 2008 when the Icelandic post-rockers released their last studio albumMeð suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. Since then, front man Jónsi has had a whale of a time launching a solo career but, despite being gifted in 2011 with the concert film/album Inni, some of us have been getting itchy with anticipation for a new LP.

Well, this week was a momentous one for beardy post-rock fans everywhere. Sigur Rós announced that their new album is to be titled Valtari, and is set for release on the 28th of May, as well as revealing an eight song tracklisting. Various audio snippets and the announcement of several shows later this year had indicated that a new release was imminent, but it’s another thing to know it’s for real. The announcement was accompanied by a video for the track “Ekki Múkk.” You can hear some of what the band meant when they described a more intimate and electronic sound, but it’s still classic stuff from Jónsi and the boys (that doesn’t really work for these guys, does it?)

The band have already got a run of festival and one-off shows set for the coming months, and this blogger is blessed enough to be headed to Vienna to catch them. Expect to hear about that one.