[video] Nemo Achida // Nemotional

I’ll confess that I didn’t keep the watch on hip-hop in 2011 that I should have done. Between Odd Future trolling the whole universe and wondering what the hell to make of Watch The Throne, I felt like I had enough to deal with. But as we turn our eyes from 2011 to 2012, I think I’ve found an act that’s going to make me pay close attention in the near future.

Nemo Achida is a young rapper from Lexington, Kentucky, and has just dropped his debut LP Nemotional. It’s certainly not without ambition – the brief intro track is a mesh of sound bytes from great African-American orators from Marcus Garvey to… Storm, from the first X-Men film. It’s a DJ Shadow like intro with the breadth of samples used, but the album as a whole is held together by a soulful mood and Achida’s accessible rapping style.

Nemo has just released the video for his album’s title track, and it’s an artful affair, afforded an explanation by the man himself:

“The Nemotional video is about the imprisonment of artists. Creating, doing as much as you can to please the consumer. In a way, we don’t own ourselves. The media/press, “in-crowd”, tastemakers all can make/break you. I’m blind-folded throughout most of the visual because, you do all of this work, with no true-certainty of a flourishing-future….I hope you all enjoy my vision…PEACE x POWER.”

Nemo spins some fantastic verses lamenting what it’s like to live life as an artist with no freedom, and with a tone that’s not aggressive or condescending: “What you say? You heard right, I kick it from the ground, and it’s under – bet you wonder how I get along with devils! Even up above a young’un had to wrestle several. Please don’t be offended, I’ve already surrendered everything but my thoughts – that is not to be bought.”

Nemotional is available on Bandcamp now, for the modest sum of $5. Definitely worth a listen for anyone with a passing interest in hip-hop in this day and age.

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