[video] Laura Marling // All My Rage

It didn’t take me many listens of Laura Marling’s most recent album A Creature I Don’t Know to decide that the closing track “All My Rage” is probably the best song she’s ever written. An lilting folky anthem (if that’s possible), an ode to calmly and quietly letting go of your rage and bitterness, it’s just a superbly crafted and visually evocative song. The nonchalance with which she sings about raging seas and burning suns is delightfully English as well.

Here, we have the video for the track, now available as a single. It features Laura and her band setting up shop in what looks like some sort of demonically disused nursery, full of terrifying children’s toys, who eventually starting jumping and spinning around in a sort of unsettling, slightly uncanny ho-down. Why not?