[video] Introducing // The Internet (Odd Future)

It’s so incredibly easy to lose track of all of the music released by Los Angeles hip hop collective Odd Future (Wolf Gang Kill Them All). They have been amazingly productive and prolific during the relatively short lifespan of the group. Each of the members, to this point, has numerous releases – some of it excellent, some of it mediocre, and some of it somewhat forgettable. You can never accuse the group of not having fun or not trying.

That’s where the newest Odd Future subgroup comes in. Simply titled The Internet, the group is a collaboration of producer Matt Martians and singer Syd Tha Kyd. Up to this point, Martians was best known for his work with Hal Williams in The Jet Age of Tomorrow. They are a funky production duo that excels in spacey compositions. Syd, meanwhile, is best known as the DJ at Odd Future live shows and also as the group’s chief engineer and mixer. She is also the lone female in the collective. Together, Syd and Matt have formed an interesting side project that fits in nicely with the overall, well-known Odd Future aesthetic.

The duo has released three singles thus far and a full-length album is expected by the end of the year. The third single, “Cocaine,” is accompanied by a music video that features drug use, lesbians, and a bonkers guest verse from Left Brain. The Left Brain contribution is especially interesting as up until now, he has been best known for his production work with Hodgy Beats in MellowHype. But his gruff, deep delivery is noteworthy and I hope to hear more from him in future (outside of his goofy food-related rap toward the end of Radical).

The Internet deliver funky, soulful R&B. Either way, The Internet is another brick in the burgeoning Odd Future empire.