[video] Introducing // Hymns From Nineveh

It’s a huge matter of personal preference at this time of year regarding when it’s first acceptable to mention “the C word.” Some think it’s when the department store adverts start. Others, when the trailers for the latest interminably but irresistible saccharine romcom starring ex-Friends cast members hits the screens. Me, I think it’s when the indie music releases start to role in.

No, I’m not talking about Bieber’s artistic reintrepretation of “Little Drummer Boy.” Today, I’m introducing the incongruously titled Hymns From Nineveh. The project of Danish songsmith Jonas Petersen, the band released their self-titled debut back in February to high praise in the few places it was reviewed. Now, a festive album, Endurance in Christmas Time, is on its way, and here we have the first single, ‘Anywhere With You.’

‘Anywhere With You’ isn’t overly festive, not lyrically at least, but it has a wonderfully warm, comforting quality that’s perfect for December. Petersen’s breathy vocals and the warm production are just twee enough to make you feel like wrapping up warm with someone in the face of the winter cold. It’s a very Nordic sounding affair, with some obligatory smatterings of glockenspiel, but sounds like a sort of twee-pop Simon & Garfunkel number. Just what the holidays ordered really.