[video] Hank & Cupcakes // HIT

I’d classify this video of Hank & Cupcakes “HIT” as MNSFW (Maybe Not Safe For Work). Sure there’s nudity, but it’s covered up with body paint and nipple clamps, so game on.

If you’ve never heard of them, Hank & Cupcakes are dual fire ball of energy. Based in Brooklyn by way of Israel, Hank (Ariel Scherbacovsky) jumps and dances around playing funky, infectious bass lines through various effect pedals that serve as the melody along with samples through the house speakers. And Cupcakes (Sagit Shir), well not only does she have a powerful voice, but her drum beats are top notch. Having her conquer both simultaneously makes for a vigorous live show, with the excitement and grooves never letting up.

The band hit up the Bug Jar in Rochester on October 27 and lit up the tiny dance floor that the venue houses. Apparently, the last time the band played at the Bug Jar it involved some partial nudity and the crowd throwing articles of clothing on stage. While this time wasn’t quite as crazy, everyone in the room was certainly getting down under the black-lights and fluorescence having a great time (and there were a couple of shirts thrown on stage throughout the night). Whether it was older material (“Pleasure Town” and “Ain’t No Love”), or shitty club songs turned into pop gold bullion (“Like a G6”), the show was the equivalent  thanks to Hank’s furious bass playing and Cupcakes’ dominating stage presence and musical talent.

I’d also be amiss to not mention that Rochester’s Old Tapes opened from Hank & Cupcakes. For only being the band’s second show, they displayed a great amount of maturity in their sound and stage presence. In addition to the songs from their This Is Goodbye EP, which you can buy through Tympanogram Records, they also debuted a new track that showed that this young band is only getting better from here on out.

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