[video] Frida Hyvönen // Terribly Dark

Feels like I’ve been indoors for a century now.” I’m gonna put it out there that that’s possibly the greatest opening line of any single released this year. It’s a brilliant, electric phrase for Swedish songstress Frida Hyvönen to open her new single “Terribly Dark” with, and sets the tone perfectly for a driving, paranoid slice of synth-pop.

There’s definitely a disco feel to the track, but it sounds more like the soundtrack to an 80’s movie montage more than anything (and no-one’s saying that’s a bad thing!). Stabs of watery synths and Frida’s tradmark piano underscore a cluster of devilishly catchy hooks which have been circulating in my brain non-stop for the past 24 hours.

The single is accompanied by the announcement of Frida’s fourth studio album To The Soul, due out 18th of April. She has a few Swedish shows lined up, but here’s hoping UK and US appearances soon follow.