[video] Atmosphere // Became

If one were to debate the royalty of underground hip hop, the boys of Atmosphere would most definitely belong in the conversation. The Minnesota boys — Slug and Ant — have been going strong for over 15 years. They continue to dazzle and deliver strong, thoughtful music. Last year’s The Family Sign was criminally overlooked by most, but it continued the duo’s stretch of quality music. “Became” is one of the album’s highlights. And now, it has its very own music video that really defies categorization. Therefore, I recommend just sitting back and letting this one sink in. It’s truly original.

(Aside: Be sure to check out the video’s Vimeo page that features an illuminating behind-the-scenes look at how this unique video was constructed.)

  • d-troit

    Atmosphere should definitely get more recognition than they do. Their lyrics are always fantastic and elevate the music to a higher level than most hip hop artists even attempt to strive for. Their depiction of blue collar living might be a little old hat now days but personally I think they sell it in a much more believable way than someone like Springsteen ever did.