Vetiver – Miles Apart

Back toward the middle of January, Vetiver did a quick, 10 show or so tour, and they started it off in Rochester.  (A couple of the band members are from Rochester, so it’s not as odd as it looks on its face.)  Whatever you’ve heard from the band, it’s exactly how they sound in concert.  They mix in interesting covers, and generally keep an easygoing pace throughout the entirety of the show.

One of their better sounding songs that night wasn’t even theirs; it’s a cover of an A.R. Kane track that I hadn’t heard before.  Turns out, I’d had their cover of it in my collection already, but I don’t remember ever having heard their version of it either.  Regardless, their version of it is as wandering and sunshine-y as the rest of Tight Knit was.  And it’s excellent.

Vetiver – Miles Apart (A.R. Kane cover) (mp3) from Hey Doll Baby [Single]