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A few short weeks from now will mark the five year anniversary of tympanogram burgeoning into this cruel blog world. The site has not continued uninterrupted since that fateful day, so one could be forgiven for neglecting to consider this an official anniversary. But technically, we’ve been open for mediocre business nearly five years. Five years is a long time, and things change. In the not too distant future, my small children will be closer in age to up and coming musicians than I will. Certainly not within the time it takes for tympanogram to double its current age, but still, time flies etc. and so forth. In the future, I fully anticipate being the old dude in the corner at shows with a beer in one hand and gigantic ear plugs to protect what remaining hearing I have left. But age, it really doesn’t mean shit when it comes to music.

Twin Peaks did not exist as a band five years ago, which is understandable as they were still in the early stages of high school. They don’t necessarily sound quite so young as they are, considering the advanced musicianship and gruff vocals they project, but they fit somewhere within that vaguely youthful punk sound and sing about smoking grass.

Right around Christmastime when everyone’s BAC was at level: beer, Twin Peaks released two new songs as a follow up to their 2013 debut release, Sunken. The tracks are out via cassette presently, and due for 7″ vinyl from Jeffery Drag Records soon. Sunken was my second favorite of the year, while coming in at a running time of under twenty minutes. These two songs also err on the side of brevity, and the modus operandi is clearly working. Brief, powerful punches of melodic pop punk/dream garage/whatever you wish to call them, that quickly get to the point and don’t belabor anything. All the better to listen to repeatedly.

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  • Dave

    Yes, the cassette is out via Tripp Tapes, though if you’re calling ME a bitch I question your promotional tactics.