[mp3/video] Timber Timbre // Black Water

When I first saw the title of Timber Timbre’s new album a while back – Creep On Creepin’ On – I thought it was rather fitting given their musical stylings. Delightfully creepy yes, but that is just one small part of the Canadian trio’s charm. Lead single “Black Water” is in line with what one would expect to hear, and that is generally a good thing if you happen to have liked something a band put out prior. This is not to say Timber Timbre are resting on their respective laurels or lacking evolution, I’m just satisfied with their operating in familiar and comfortable territory.

[mp3] Timber Timbre // Black Water

If you’ve never heard the band play their music and are foolishly looking to me for some sort of explanation as to what they do, I’ll relay the following exchange between my wife and I when she heard me playing “Black Water.”

Wife: “Has this band been on t.v. before?”

Me: “Yes. Breaking Bad.”

Wife: “Oh.”

Me. “They also kind of sound like Nick Cave.”

Wife: “Oh. That sounds about right.”