The Stills News

Yesterday I received two bits of news regarding The Stills that made me happy. First, I learned that the band will accompany Built To Spill in opening for Kings of Leon at the show I will be attending at Darien Lake this summer. I have never seen any of the three bands live, and I am now far more interested in the openers than I am the headliner.

In the second bit of news, per The Music Slut, Gregory Paquet is back in the band. He was the lead guitarist on the band’s debut album Logic Will Break Your Heart, and in my estimation the most instrumental part of the band’s sound on that first effort. On subsequent records the band never quite seemed able to recreate the particular feel or stellar guitar work present on the first after he left the band, so I hope this return will bring that sound back. Consider me excited.

The Stills – Allison Krausse (mp3) from Logic Will Break Your Heart