The Selfish Replicators?

So I received a rather cryptic e-mail the other morning – just a salutation, one line, a website, cover art, and this song:


The Selfish Replicators are a covert side-project of some band.

A Google search yields nothing of consequence beyond a probable explanation of the band’s moniker, and their MySpace doesn’t give anything else.  The song itself is a woozy, electro delight – as mysterious as its makers.  The vox immediately brings to mind Starflyer 59 (for me), and I’m into it.  If you’ve got more information, let me know.  I’m appropriately intrigued.

The Selfish Replicators – Strands (mp3)

  • Concerned_in_Thailand

    It's like Phoenix meets the Beach Boys -and a few doses of heroin. But I kinda like it 🙂