The Postelles – White Night

I’ve never been a drug kind of guy.  I don’t begrudge people who get high; it was just never my thing.  And while I don’t doubt that the affect it has on people has assisted in the making of some of the more timeless rock records, it always seems to end up in some kind of heartbreak.

The Postelles haven’t made something timeless here with “White Night,” but they have made something instantly catchy, especially around the chorus part where he sings “Don’t tell; nobody knows.” I’ve based this post around the assumption that the song is about doing blow, but it may be about the riots in San Francisco after the Dan White acquittal, or the naturally occurring phenomenon.  If it’s about either of the latter two, then my apologies to the band.

The band’s EP was produced by former/current Stroke Albert Hammond, Jr., and is available now.

The Postelles – White Night (mp3) from White Night EP