The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

I’ve never been a fan of The National, and that’s nobody’s fault but mine.  The band’s vocals just sound so fucking bored all the time.  I realize that is a kind of a difficult feat to accomplish – the ability to not seem as if you care despite the fact that you are, in fact, emoting – but when I hear The National do it, I’m unresponsive.

I didn’t like Boxer despite its widespread acclaim, and after listening to “Bloodbuzz Ohio,” I’m struck by the same “is this it” feeling.  Because of the impending outpouring of web rips, new tracks from the band, and overall anticipation for its release, I’m sure I’ll listen to more than enough of High Violet to form a better opinion of the album, but I can’t envision buying it if it’s all this blasé.

The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio (mp3) from the forthcoming High Violet