The Morning Benders

Andy wrote about The Morning Benders a while back, so with that and other contributing factors that I will mention briefly, I am just going to link to the song he put up in said post directly from Hype Machine. The reason I too, am writing about them now is that their record Big Echo is my early favorite for best album of the year.

Several weeks ago I was working an early Saturday morning and looking for some listening material to pass the time. I was on music site Lala and saw that I could play Big Echo in its entirety, so I gave it a go. Immediately I could sense this wasn’t going to be a wasted decision as I was captured from the first note. This enrapturement was sustained up to the final note, so I went and listened to it all the way through again, something I never do. My enjoyment should not actually be a surprise, as Veckatimest was my favorite album of 2009, and The Morning Benders are a utilizing a similar formula here. I suppose that only makes sense given that a member of Grizzly Bear has a production credit on Big Echo.

The main reason I am not posting a track of the record is that I haven’t actually gotten any mp3’s. I purchased a vinyl copy of the album off Insound expecting a link or code to download the digital version as well. To my unfortunate surprise no such implement to download was included despite the plastic slip-cover’s promise. I have written to Rough Trade to determine how to get the digital version of this album that is owed, but thus far have gotten zero response. I truly hope I don’t have to break down and buy a digital copy of it. My desire for a portable method of listening, the lack of response to my mp3 query and the fact the record is so good, indicates strongly I may end up buying it again in its different form.

If you haven’t heard it yet, I strongly recommend doing so.

The Morning Benders – Excuses from Big Echo