The Maccabees – Lego

Each year I reset the Play Counts for all my songs.  Some people, like my girlfriend, find this to be a bit strange, possibly somewhat anal-retentive, and (undoubtedly) totally unnecessary.  Instead, I keep track of my total play counts in a spreadsheet.  And while I admit that it’s completely superfluous and over-the-top, it’s just what I like to do.  I’ll leave it there.

How this ties in is that I also have a smart playlist based on what I’ve played recently, played a lot, not played at all – and at the start of the year, everything is thrown back into the mix.  It’s a musical tabula rasa.  Today as I was listening, this song came up, and I was reminded of the whole post/new-garage genre and how furiously and all-encompassing it was, and how quickly it seems to have faded away.  Despite the genre’s inability to last (there’s a joke there somewhere), this song is still so great to me that I repeated it a couple of times.

The Maccabees – Lego (mp3) from Colour It In

  • Anne

    I have considered doing that. I like to know what I have played in a more recent time and the problem is that newer songs are not as likely to get as high in the play count as songs that I have had in my library since 2004 when I started. So far I have not reset though and I guess at this point…

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t think that seems so strange.