The Joy Formidable

It isn’t often that I am surprised by music these days. I usually have a general idea of what new music is going to be like, either because of what I’ve sampled from it or read about it. Even if I have only had a brief introduction to a band by hearing a snippet of a song, I usually can form a fairly quick, yet concise opinion. I was surprised that I enjoyed The Joy Formidable’s brief album A Balloon Called Moaning, because I had not heard word one about it, and found myself enjoying it immediately despite the genre it likely falls within. The band has an emphatic brand of melodic post-punk that is both catchy and buzzy. I am not often surprised, at least positively, so that makes it all the better when I am. I can’t explain my completely closeted exposure in this case, but that is an issue for another time when I’m done enjoying this record.

The Joy Formidable – While The Flies (mp3) from A Balloon Called Moaning