The Best Things Come From Nowhere

The day here in Rochester is moving back and forth between overcast and hazy sun, and it feels as though it’s going to rain at any second.  I’ve been shuffling through my iPod, and this song popped up in between inordinate amounts of Ryan Adams.

My girlfriend and I are going to The Little tonight to watch Away We Go and eat popcorn for dinner and be generally irresponsible with our Tuesday evening.

This fit that sentiment nicely:

Guillemots – Made Up Lovesong #43 (mp3) from Through the Windowpane

I hope the movie’s good.

  • muoio

    I see you are lying to your adoring fans to throw them off the scent. It’s good to keep the paparazzi away.

  • Andy

    When I wrote it, it wasn’t a lie. Besides, there would have just been more competition at trivia if I had updated the post.