The Art of the Mix

This past weekend I visited a friend in Pennsylvania for a local festival there.  (If anyone wants me to visit them, it’s best to lure me there with the premise that I will be able to drink in the streets without fear of legal reprisal.)  Another friend asked me to bring her a CD of specific songs, most of which I owned, but some I hadn’t heard before.

After getting all the songs, I added some tracks I like and delivered the mix to the recipient, which ended up spanning 2 CDs.  I hope she’s enjoying it.  If not, I suppose she has mostly herself to blame because she’s the one who asked for most of the songs.

Anyway, here are a couple of the songs that were new to me that I am subsequently enjoying.  Maybe they’ll be new to you as well, but I think you all are probably more savvy than I am.

Good Old War – Coney Island (mp3) from Only Way To Be Alone

Tim Williams – Novel (mp3) from When Work Is Done

  • Egrabal

    The Good Old War record is still pretty cheap on Amie Street and is good.

  • Ella

    Correction, the Good Old War album is great. And I got it for $5 on amazon not too long ago.

  • Egrabal

    At this very moment it is $4.37 on Amie Street.