Sunbear – Leadbelt

I don’t know where I got this song, or I would credit the blog or entity from whence it came.  I was running through my iTunes, listening for inspiration when this came on.  Looking into the band, I find that they are a now defunct four-piece from Dublin that have apparently formed around 1994 and put out one album.

The band has regrouped as The Ruby Tailights, who don’t seem to have any releases available, but since the information I can find is scattered and scarce, this could be wrong.  This track in particular is from a release entitled Bits, which is comprised of b-sides and other various pieces.  It’s not as dense as shoegaze seems to me, but it has some of those elements – the constant fuzzy feedback throughout, the indie snap of the drums.  It’s good stuff.

Sunbear – Leadbelt (mp3) from Bits