Submission – The Young Friends

Yesterday on Twitter Andy was lamenting the fact that venues rarely write us back regarding our requests to put on shows in their buildings. The twitterer from the blog Knox Road brought up a good point: the way that we feel in that situation is likely similar to that of a small band who sends submissions our way and never hears word one back from us. It was a good thinking point, though I think there are some differences. We are giving a venue business, why wouldn’t they wish to get back to us? Certainly we gain something from using a good submission on our blog, but it’s not on the same level. Regardless, the point is a valid one so I suppose that makes it all the more important to respond or use something on the blog when a submission doesn’t suck. Here we are at that point today.

Via submission, The Young Friends are a couple of high schoolers from Arizona that got together and made a shimmery surf-pop album that instantly gave me reminders of The Drums. The youngsters are certainly drawing upon the vast influence of The Beach Boys as well and ‘Make Out Point’ is a perfectly apropos song title for the aesthetic of this young band’s work. This is a Summer album from a band looking to make the most of their youth. Most of the subject matter is that of a high school kid looking to have fun, get laid and get in some trouble. To be young again…

The Young Friends – Make Out Point from the forthcoming Hella