[stream] Youth Lagoon // Mute

youth lagoon wondrous bughouse cover

Youth Lagoon’s sophomore album, Wondrous Bughouse, is out today; Trevor Powers, the man behind the Boise, Idaho pop project, unveiled the first song from the album – the breathless “Dropla” – nearly six weeks ago. And though this second track, “Mute”, was released nearly a month ago itself at this point, it seems apropos to talk about it today when the entire release is available.

“Mute” is a near opposite of the single that preceded it, sonically. It’s much louder, though it’s not lost any of the expanse that “Dropla” contained. Powers seems to be – judging solely on these two samples from the album – hellbent on getting the sounds in his head out into the ether, as they are both sprawling tracks filled with sonic quirks and nuance. Both tracks rely little on vocals (though Youth Lagoon has never really been a vehicle for Powers to sing), and both opt instead for painting large landscapes around the minimal words they contain.

Wondrous Bughouse is out right now through all the normal retailers you’d expect, and you can pick it up on vinyl through the folks at Fat Possum, if you’re leaning in that direction. At the time of this writing, it’s already been awarded Best New Music by publications with far more influence than we wield, if that does anything for you. I’ll be listening intently today to see just how much Powers has grown since his debut.

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