[stream] WU LYF // We Bros (Young Montana? Remix)

Yes. That’s right. I love WU LYF so much that I am doing two posts on two different remixes of the same track. We have already covered the chameleon-like brilliance of S. Maharba, who transformed “We Bros” into something completely unlike the original.

For the single release of “We Bros” (which is my favorite track off WU LYF”s June debut, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain“), the boys of WU LYF re-recorded the track and commissioned two remixes. S. Maharba literally transformed the track. Young Montana? retains many of the original hallmarks of the track, including the trademark vocals. Whereas the S. Maharba remix was completely unlike the original, you can hear the core song in the Young Montana? version. However, he adds a glitchy electronic beat that strangely provides new life. On his Facebook page, Mr. Young Montana? describes his music as, “fidgety beats for feets.” That’s what she said. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I am still not sure why the name, Young Montana?, requires a question mark. I, along with many others, am not questioning his talent. It takes an absurd amount of talent to completely alter something as individualistic and recognizable as WU LYF, but Young Montana? has unquestionably accomplished this.

This remix, along with the S. Maharba, and the re-worked original are available for download right now on iTunes. WU LYF will release the single on vinyl on Nov. 8.

WU LYF – We Bros (Young Montana? remix) by Young Montana?