[stream] WU LYF // We Bros (S. Maharba Remix)

I like the fire of WU LYF. The music does something to me. It moves me in a very visceral, emotional way. The energy of the music is extremely contagious and it is one of the things that first drove me toward the group. So imagine my shock when I first heard S. Maharba’s remix of “We Bros.” The fire is gone, but this is not a bad thing at all. Instead, it just presents the beauty of the WU LYF aesthetic and independence in a completely different light.

Truthfully, the track doesn’t even sound remotely close to the original. Aside from the opening riff of the remix, it sounds nothing like the original. And this is not a bad thing. The vocals are gone. The spirit of togetherness is also gone. The fervor and the fire have been replaced with this washed out, acid-fueled something. It feels like something you might hear Panda Bear singing over. And truthfully, I have never heard of Mr. S. Maharba, but I will definitely be exploring his work now. The beautiful part about WU LYF is that the group elicits so many different responses. Some of my friends have told me that they can’t get past the yelping, screeched vocals. Others have told me that they are moved in much the same way. But either way, it is apparent that S. Maharba heard the track and reacted to it in a completely unexpected manner.

The reworked single and the two remixes are available now on iTunes. It will be released on vinyl on November 8.

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