[stream] White Fence // Pink Gorilla

white fence pink gorilla cover

White Fence is following up his prolific 2012 with a new album on April 9. It’s as if three entire albums – two volumes of Family Perfume and one album with Ty Seagall – weren’t enough for him to deserve a bit of time off from writing and recording. Then again, perhaps Tim Presley, the man behind the moniker, is going through a particularly fertile time in his songwriting career. Whatever is going on, fans of his scuffed up, frayed-at-the-edges garage rock are reaping the benefits.

“Pink Gorilla” is the first taste of the new material from the forthcoming Cyclops Reap, and if you’re familiar with what White Fence’s output is, you won’t be thrown anything off-speed here. But just because it sounds similar doesn’t mean it isn’t good. There’s a reason you and me and everyone else keeps coming back to this sort of psychedelic sound: it’s basic, the embodiment of the bare-bones approach upon which rock ‘n’ roll was founded. Sometimes everyone needs a reminder of where we’ve come from, and why it’s still so good. If it sounds like your speakers have been blown out, don’t worry – it’s perfectly natural.

Cyclops Reap will be released through Castle Face Records when April rolls around; no word on pre-order at this point.

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