[stream] Weekend // Mirror

Weekend Jinx cover

Weekend have been hanging around for the past couple of years, biding its time since its most recent release, 2011’s Red EP. Since that EP saw the light of day, the outfit up and moved across the country – from San Francisco to the indie hotbed of Brooklyn. (But in all honesty, aren’t people sick of Brooklyn yet? There are plenty of cool places out there with cheaper rent.)

That move hasn’t diminished the trio’s wall of guitar sound, though it might have taken a toll on the band’s lyrically. Not that it was particularly happy-go-lucky previously, but this new track, called “Mirror” centers around the line “I feel sick, sick, sick, sick in my heart.” Being three thousand miles away from home has that effect on anyone.

The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming, sophomore full-length entitled Jinx, which will be out at the end of July on Slumberland Records. No pre-order information is available yet, but this track should hold you over until there’s something definite on the horizon.

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