[stream] Wavves // Sail To the Sun


This new track from Wavves starts off with a clip from a commercial for Prayer House of Deliverance, a Memphis church that had James Salton, the voice imploring the listener to “get rid of the drugs”, at their helm at the time. The video is easily accessible on YouTube, and the video has about 30,000 or so hits; I’m going to estimate that roughly half of those views are from Nathan Williams and his band of cohorts while they were fucked up.

That said, it’s appropriate that that video is what Wavves used to start off the new song, because it feels like that’s what Wavves has become – a sort of YouTube brand of punk, packaged for mass consumption and offering little in the way of substance or resistance. It’s not that “Sail To the Sun” isn’t catchy, because it is, but it’s a far cry from the gutter-fi of Williams’ first album, when it felt like he was speaking for much more than himself.

Grade: So Bored