[stream] Urban Cone // We Should Go To France


I feel like, if I really wanted to try, I could spend the next year writing and writing about things I missed during our 2012 hiatus, but that would make me miss everything that’s going on rightfuckingnow, and then this blog would become some strange haven for being a year behind, and that’s never the point of blogging, is it?

But in my travels, there are some things that I’m compelled to talk about: like Urban Cone’s “We Should Go To France.” The Swedish outfit released an EP last year titled Our Youth, Pt 2, and this song is on it; it’s simple and straightforward and utterly contagious, and I feel like (in the right hands) it could be morphed into a huge, dance floor filling behemoth. Maybe it already has been, but I’m not really the remix type anyway, so I’m content with this version.

The Stockholm band rhymes “dance” with “France”, but not in the American way you’re expecting them to while you read in your head. And if you, as an American, sing this song the way they do, you’ll sound like a pretentious asshat. That’s fair warning for when you’re wandering around your home city, singing along. If I hear you, I’m going to laugh.

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