[stream] Titanics // Cars

titanics soft treasure cover

Even with HPSTR RNFF going mostly dormant, Carles’ most lasting legacy will be the introduction of the term “chillwave” to describe the glut of lo-fi laptop pop that filled up the blogs a few summers ago. And while the progenitors of the unofficial genre might no longer be churning out the same sort of sound, there are plenty of bands awash in their wake, taking the original formula and putting their own spin on it.

That’s right where we meet Titanics, a twosome from the Albany, NY area that are basking in the mid-tempo afterglow of their forebears. The band sent its debut full-length (they had an EP and single released previously) our way a couple of weeks ago, and it was immediately reminiscent of any number of sun-bleached, summer-centric songs we’ve been hearing over the course of the past few years. This track, called “Cars”, is from that release, which is called Soft Treasure, but it was also released as a digital 7″ prior to the album’s unveiling. I looked briefly, but didn’t see if that was done as a physical release as well. I’m pretty lazy.

Soft Treasure is available at Titanics’ Bandcamp page for a mere $7. Skip a couple of afternoon coffees this week and pick this up instead.

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  • julie

    love these guys, great choice

  • sam

    guitar part at the end so good.