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The 1975 have been burning a hole in my ears since this past November, which is relatively late to their party, considering that they’ve been around for a few years at this point. I listened to their Sex EP quite a bit over the last two months of 2012, starting with a plane ride to Charlotte, NC where I got hooked on the album’s title track. “Sex” is a guitar-driven ode to being a male caught in your late teen years, where you want to sleep with any- and everyone, and trying to convince a possible partner that sex with you isn’t the worst idea they’ll entertain. At its best, the song was contagious (insert joke about VD here), and at it’s worst, sophomoric. But I listened to it a bunch in my car and generally felt like I sympathized and identified with the narrator’s plight.

And then word came to me yesterday about the band’s new track, “Chocolate”, from their upcoming EP entitled Music for Cars. The band’s sound is a lot less scuffed up here than it was even a few months ago on their previous EP, and that’s somewhat disconcerting. I love the lead singer’s brogue, but when you’re singing about hidden guns and running from the cops, I’d expect less polish. At least I’d hope for it.

That’s not to say that “Chocolate” isn’t equally catchy as the song that reeled me in this past November; but on it The 1975 have aimed straight for the squishy mid-section of the masses. Though they might have found it, that’s not particularly to my taste.

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  • jennifer whitney

    Wow, what a fun, catchy song 🙂 I tend to be a complete sucker for sugary-sweet ear-candy, myself! 🙂